Jiyan meaning kurdish

Jiyan meaning kurdish

Unafraid of death and fulfilled by their passion for their homeland and their love for their families and people, these women muster up the courage to face the heavily armed IS in Syria and North Irak. One of their most recent victories includes the recapturing of the City of Kobane in northern Syria from the IS. In the twilight, the wounds of the liberated city of Kobani appear almost soft.

After the attacks by the Islamic State, the tattered buildings breath a melancholic quietness that reminds even more emphatically of the destruction. At home, they are celebrated as heroes. At this place had once been a rehabilitation hospital for youths.

It was completely destroyed by an explosive attack of IS. What has become of the youth in need of protection is concealed under rubble and dust as well as the empty swimming pool is. It is less that meters away from the shelters of the female fighters at the first front of Al-Hasakah, that one passes a picture of Hafiz al-Assad — the father of the ruling dictator Baschar al-Assad. He presents himself in a heroic gesture that is in the meantime perforated by bullet holes.

Behind the trees is slightly hidden the museum of the martyrs in the Kandil mountains. Hundred meters away is the well-known and most beautiful martyr cemetery of the Kurdish fighters. The IS stands for an ideological world-view according to which women are seen as inhumane beings without rights and freedom.

It is in this context that the IS approves the most direct, extreme, and crass forms of patriarchy, sexism, and feudalism. Gulan, 19, Zerya, 18, and Zilan, 17 years old from left to right. While some are participating in Saturday mothers in the Turkish parts, others choose to participate in the guerrilla forces or YPJ fighters fighting in the mountain regions of North Syria, West Kurdistan. These women refuse to resist the patriarchic view of the role of women, who regard women as objects, captive in their homes, and honor the family's honor.

It is without exaggeration to say that the current Kurdish feminist movement - from a military, ideological and organizational point of view - could be described as the strongest movement in the world in the name of women's rights. Time stands still at places that mean home up to now. Sometimes at night the women are singing together Kurdish songs while lying on the roof of an occupied house and when bombs detonate nearby.

Their voices are tender and calm and encourage them. Courage for the next day, the upcoming fight, for the future. Since the threat comes from the outside by IS incursions and from the inside.

The fight for deliverance is equally directed toward old social tradition by which they are still suppressed. Now, the emergency situation opens up for them the possibility to change something.

These are the women who have to lose the least and to gain the most. A moment of rest at the front line in Til Temir and its Christian quarter.

jiyan meaning kurdish

The IS is fighting in the next village that is less than two kilometres away. The last memory of fighters killed in action is often the shared meal before the battle.Additionally, there are significant Kurdish diaspora communities in the cities of western Turkey, in particular Istanbulwhile a Kurdish diaspora has developed in Western Europeprimarily in Germany.

Numerically, the Kurds are estimated to number between 30 and 45 million. Kurds speak the Kurdish languages and the Zaza—Gorani languageswhich belong to the Western Iranian branch of the Iranian languages in the Indo-European language family.

However, that promise was nullified three years later, when the Treaty of Lausanne set the boundaries of modern Turkey and made no such provision, leaving Kurds with minority status in their respective countries. Kurds in Iraq and Syria have autonomous regions, while Kurdish nationalist movements continue to pursue greater cultural rightsautonomyand independence throughout Kurdistan.

Most Kurds are either bilingual or multilingualspeaking the language of their respective nation of origin, such as ArabicPersianand Turkish as a second language alongside their native Kurdish, while those in diaspora communities often speak three or more languages. According to Mackenzie, there are few linguistic features that all Kurdish dialects have in common and that are not at the same time found in other Iranian languages. The Kurdish dialects according to Mackenzie are classified as: [39].

Commenting on the differences between the dialects of Kurdish, Kreyenbroek clarifies that in some ways, Kurmanji and Sorani are as different from each other as is English from German, giving the example that Kurmanji has grammatical gender and case endings, but Sorani does not, and observing that referring to Sorani and Kurmanji as "dialects" of one language is supported only by "their common origin The number of Kurds living in Southwest Asia is estimated at close to 30 million, with another one or two million living in diaspora.

The total number of Kurds in was placed at Recent emigration accounts for a population of close to 1. A special case are the Kurdish populations in the Transcaucasus and Central Asiadisplaced there mostly in the time of the Russian Empirewho underwent independent developments for more than a century and have developed an ethnic identity in their own right.

This land was inhabited by "the people of Su" who dwelt in the southern regions of Lake Van ; The philological connection between "Kurd" and "Karda" is uncertain but the relationship is considered possible. Qarti or Qartas, who were originally settled on the mountains north of Mesopotamiaare considered as a probable ancestor of the Kurds. The Akkadians were attacked by nomads coming through Qartas territory at the end of 3rd millennium BC and distinguished them as the Guti.

They conquered Mesopotamia in BC and ruled with 21 kings until defeated by the Sumerian king Utu-hengal. Many Kurds consider themselves descended from the Medesan ancient Iranian people, [52] and even use a calendar dating from BC, when the Assyrian capital of Nineveh was conquered by the Medes. After initially sustaining a heavy defeat, Ardashir I was successful in subjugating the Kurds. You've bitten off more than you can chew and you have brought death to yourself.

O son of a Kurd, raised in the tents of the Kurds, who gave you permission to put a crown on your head? The usage of the term Kurd during this time period most likely was a social term, designating Northwestern Iranian nomads, rather than a concrete ethnic group.

He found it heavily fortified, and guarded by three legions and a large body of Kurdish archers. Thereafter he had the strategically located city repaired, provisioned and garrisoned with his best troops. Qadishaye, settled by Kavad in Singarawere probably Kurds [68] and worshiped the martyr Abd al-Masih. Later they, along with Arabs and Armenians, joined the Sassanids in their war against the Byzantines.

There is also a 7th-century text by an unidentified author, written about the legendary Christian martyr Mar Qardagh. He lived in the 4th century, during the reign of Shapur II, and during his travels is said to have encountered Mar Abdishoa deacon and martyr, who, after having been questioned of his origins by Mar Qardagh and his Marzobansstated that his parents were originally from an Assyrian village called Hazza, but were driven out and subsequently settled in Tamanon, a village in the land of the Kurdsidentified as being in the region of Mount Judi.

He also mentions the Persian troops who fought against Musa chief of Hurdanaye in the region of Qardu in Interest is based how many people viewed this name from each country and is scaled based on the total views by each country so that large countries do not always show the most interest. Darker blue on the map indicates that people in the country are more likely to search for this name.

Longer bars in the bar graph indicate that people in the country are more interested in the name.

Sonja Hamad

Not all countries that have shown an interest in the name are listed in the bar graph. I do not know how you feel about it, but you were a female in your last earthly incarnation. Your profession was warrior, hunter, fisherman, and executor of sacrifices.

You always liked to travel, to investigate, could have been detective or spy. You should develop self-love and ability to implant hope into hearts of people. Ambition - is not everything.

True wealth is buried in your soul. Back to Top. Where is the name Jiyan popular? International Interest for Jiyan Interest is based how many people viewed this name from each country and is scaled based on the total views by each country so that large countries do not always show the most interest. Jiyan is the 43, nd most popular name of all time. How many people with the first name Jiyan have been born in the United States?

127 Kurdish Baby Names With Meanings

From tothe Social Security Administration has recorded 68 babies born with the first name Jiyan in the United States. That's more than enough people named Jiyan to occupy the territory of Pitcairn Islands United Kingdom with an estimated population of 66 as of July 1, What year were 5 or more babies first named Jiyan? The name was first given to 5 or more babies in the year when it was given as a first name to 7 new born babies.

When was Jiyan first recorded in the United States? The oldest recorded birth by the Social Security Administration for the first name Jiyan is Tuesday, August 18th, What year had the most people named Jiyan born?Jineology is one of the governing ideologies of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria. Jineology is the theoretical set of ideas that will create a new form of social organization. Jineology critiques the approaches of social sciences which defend the structures [5] of the state, patriarchy and capital.

The theory of Jineology looks to explore new ways of studying human history with the goal of trying to interpret where the marginalization of women originated from. Jineology proposes a new way to look at social sciences.

jiyan meaning kurdish

This gives women the ability to obtain political knowledge, power and independence in a patriarchal society. This way of thinking gives birth to the idea that freedom for all can be accomplished through freedom for women. Aim of jineology is to direct women and society in the realm of knowledge and science and have the women be in control of it rather than the male rulers.

Women should have the ability to make their own disciplines and reach their own interpretations and meanings so that they can share them with the rest of society. The field of social science is sexist in nature, however the link between knowledge and power is strong. Science is used to describe the role of women in society and focuses on the biological differences between men and women.

Men have certain physical attributes that make it more likely for them to be fighters, whereas women are made out to be emotional and only act based on emotions. The longstanding history of sexist and biased science society, economy, culture etc explains where the interpretation of power comes from and why the female is usually oppressed.

The theory of Jineology states that gendered oppression and patriarchal power developed in the Neolithic period at the same time as state structures and capital were created. The theory is attempting to understand why female history in the Neolithic period and before has been erased from mythology, archaeology and history. This way of thinking has defined militarism and violence as a purely male dichotomy which gives rise to sexist policies and practices against women.

In the past, patriarchal societies have pre-established positions of power that consist of pre-gendered aspects like subject and object. The man being the subject and the woman being the object.

This understanding of power goes directly to the man and gives him the status of oppressor and the woman the status of the oppressed. This leads to deeply engrained sexism. In Abdullah Ocalan 's novel on Political Thought of the Kurdistan Woman's Revolution and Democratic Confederalism he discusses two sexual ruptures that have taken place and theorizes that there will be a third in the future. This gave males a position of dominance since they were the ones providing for their families.

This then led to them having the opportunity to rule and create the first social hierarchy. This formulated the creation of the mother-woman cult, they were in charge of gathering and cultivation because they were low-risk activities that did not involve warfare. This breakdown of gender roles leads to a patriarchal society that is centered around the strong man. Instead of a society where men and women both have an equal voice and the ability to have opinions or make decisions, this led to a single-voiced, male society.

A transition was made to a one-dimensional, extremely masculine social culture. The emotional intelligence of women that created wonders, that was humane and committed to nature and life, was lost. In its place was born the cursed analytical intelligence of a cruel culture that surrendered itself to dogmatism and detached itself from nature; that considers war to be the most exalted virtue and enjoyed the shedding of human blood; that sees the arbitrary treatment of women and the enslavement of man as its right.

This intelligence is the antitype of the egalitarian intelligence of woman that is focused on humanitarian production and animate nature.They like to control and are generally quite sure of themselves. Love Life of Jiyan : Person like that their partner should inspire not only sexually but also at the level of intellect. Persons love to precede intercourse with dinners in candlelight.

Name Letter Analysis of Jiyan. J : Persons make an exemplary friend and try hard to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable I : Persons are a compassionate person who feels things deeply Y : Persons are freedom-loving and like to break rules and push the envelope A : Persons are their own person: ambitious and freethinking N : Persons are a "think outside the box" kind of person -- creative and original.

Acoording to vedic astrologyRashi for the name Jiyan is Makar and Moon sign associated with the name Jiyan is Capricorn. The name Jiyan has Earth element. Saturn is the Ruling Planet for the name Jiyan. Normally, people with the name Jiyan are optimistic and determined.

They are full of life. They can easily compromise in difficult situations. The name Jiyan is suitable for baby born in Uttara Ashadha nakshatra. Since babies are not able to recall what they have done till the age of 3, their recording machine in the brain is not functional till then.

Babies when born have knee caps but these do not come if their X — ray is taken. The reason is because their knee caps during the early stages of life are cartilages. Moreover this continues for coming few years.

Absolutely, everyone knows that the foetus present inside the womb of the mother can hear. But something which you did not know is that foetus responds to sound properly i.

They remember absolutely nothing! There are billions of humans present on the earth, this means the day your baby born, there were 9 million people who were born on the same day. Hence, your baby shares his or her birthday with about 9 million other people. Name Of The Day. The name is derived from the Latin words "istunus" or "iustus", which means "just". Australian Baby Names.

jiyan meaning kurdish

Australian Boy Names. Australian Girl Names. Popular Australian Baby Names. Cute Australian Baby Names. Unique Australian Baby Names. Popular Baby Names.

Famous Baby Names. Unique Baby Names. Cute Baby Names.It usually does. Jiyan is a Kurdish film by Jano Rosebiani, stop reading this right now, reach out to your pen, post it paper, write it out, J-I-Y-A-N, and place it somewhere visible in your office or study till you either see it in a movie theater or rent it out from a video outlet. I would be lying to you if I said that the movie did not disturb me. The temperature of my anger reached a crisis point. I have to assume that these peaceniks and the inadvertent supporters of Saddam Hussein have never heard of the Kurds and their villages, towns, and cities which were indiscriminately gassed not just in one day, between the sunrise and sunset, but in a span of eighteen months, in the course of an operation called al Anfal, which for those of you who are versed in Islam, the name means, the spoils, and comes from a chapter heading in Quran.

I guess I have to admit to a little known truth that, in the world that we have inherited, there is no right or wrong, but only strong and weak. If five million Kurds of Iraq are gassed, no different than the way Adolph Hitler gassed the six million Jews of Europe, there is no outcry from those who are not gassed, the surviving Jews have been the only ones who want to make sure that an indifferent world remains cognizant of their sufferings.

So it has fallen on us, the Kurds, to keep the memory of Halapja alive, for no one else cares much about the loss of Kurdish life in this world. And that is the task Jano Rosebiani undertakes in his film, Jiyanwith courage, integrity, faith and hope. There is an eerie congruence of events unfolding in front of you as you try to understand the plot.

Diyari is a transplanted Kurd from America who goes back to Kurdistan to build an orphanage for the surviving children of martyred Kurdish city, Halapja. His own story begins in the same neighborhood inas a boy, when he is in the middle school, and a bomb drops on the schoolyard, killing dozens of his friends and terrorizing him and his friends.

The teen is uprooted. He finds refuge in America. In the shade of freedom, holding onto his Kurdish roots, he goes to school, later marries, and becomes the father of two children. Inlike all Kurds all over the world, he is shaken to his core with the news that his people are viewed as beasts of prey and hunted down with chemical weapons. Five years later, he is in Halapja, happy to be with the survivors, eager to build for them a house of refuge and learning.

Kissinger as the author his own misfortune back inas well as the person responsible for the aborted Kurdish revolution of It is a long story, suffice it to note that the wily Secretary of State in the Nixon administration took the legendary Kurdish leader Mullah Mustapha Barzani under his wings, provoked him to fight ferociously the central government in Baghdad with promises of help not for the liberation of Kurdistan, it became obvious later, but with the aim of knocking Iraq out of the war against Israel.

Baghdad did not take part in the Yom Kippur war. It was forced to cede supremacy to Iran in the Persian Gulf. The quid pro quo was Kurdistan. The deal was made between, you cannot go wrong by guessing, the Shah of Iran and the strong man of Baghdad, Saddam Hussein. The underwriter, the transaction was ironclad, was no other than the United States of America. Watching the film, I could not help but compare the stories of Diyari and that of Henry Kissinger.

Both became refugees in their teens. Diyari fled Saddam Hussein who later gassed the Kurds. Henry Kissinger fled Adolph Hitler who later gassed the Jews. In America, their paths took a different turn. He tried to lift them up from their misery, to show them the light of education, to give them hope for a free Kurdistan, where they could grow with love and respect, as opposed to fear and torture, so that they too could add luster, the Kurdish brand, to the human rainbow.

At least one thing is clear, human beings in every land and in every generation will see in Diyari a friend of humankind; in Kissinger, one of its most implacable predators. The most alarming thing about the film is not in the film itself, but in the reaction people have expressed towards it.Turkish names are used in the country of Turkey, which is situated in western Asia and southeastern Europe.

Turkey is part of the larger Muslim world. See also about Turkish names. Modern Rare Archaic. Related name is is not. User list. According to tradition, Adnan was an ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad and the northern Arabian tribes.

Turkish Names

This was the name of three Ottoman sultans. In Turkic mythology Asena was a grey wolf who gave birth to the ancestor of the Ashina tribe of Turks. This was a byname or title borne by several medieval Turkic rulers, including the Seljuk sultan Alp Arslan a byname meaning "brave lion" who drove the Byzantines from Anatolia in the 11th century. The author C. Lewis later used the name Aslan for the main protagonist a lion in his Chronicles of Narnia series of books, first appearing in This was the name of a slave and later companion of the 11th-century sultan Mahmud of Ghazni.

In some languages this is also a name for a variety of flowering plant that grows in central Asia species Fritillaria eduardii. This word has derivatives in several other languages, such as Hindi, Turkish, Armenian and Kurdish.

It is typically feminine in Persian and masculine in Turkish and Kurdish. This is also the Turkish name for the constellation Virgo. CEMRE f Turkish From a term used in Turkish folklore referring to the warming of temperature at the end of winter, thought to occur in three stages affecting air, water, then earth.

It is ultimately from Avestan drigu meaning "needy, poor". Paper marbling is the art of creating colourful patterns on paper. It also means "slender"from the Turkish phrase elif gibiliterally "shaped like elif". This name was borne by the 13th-century Turkish poet Yunus Emre.


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